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Elise Brancheau

“Elise Brancheau as Micaëla brought not only emotional intensity, flawless pitch and great power to her role, but charm as well.”

Why, hello, and thank you for visiting my website!


My name is Elise, I’m a soprano from New Jersey, and I believe opera is a living, breathing, relevant art form, one that I love deeply and want to see grow and evolve. I’m passionate about opera and art song in a big way and love thinking of new ways to express that passion in my performing.


I’ve had the privilege of exploring of a wide variety of repertoire, ranging from Buxtehude to Barber, from Mozart to Menotti, from Rossini to Rihm. I embrace the ancient (my current obsession=Hildegard von Bingen) to the brand new (I love premiering works of living composers). My love for opera grew out of a love for choral music and musical theater, and my iPod contains everything from Renaissance motets to Led Zeppelin. I’m a fan of Gothic literature and going on long, scenic hikes, and while I believe that nonmusical interests can inform and improve one’s art, I also believe in pursuing them just because it’s fun.


If you’re into telling stories, thinking outside the box, and embracing the wild, the weird, and the wonderful things about opera, I want to work with you! Leave me a message and let’s create something together!




For a more specific and detailed summary of my musical career, please see my resume!



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